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Don't Miss #PBCritiqueFest!

It's baaaaaack! Brian Gehrlein is running #PBCritiqueFest for the fourth time, and this is your chance to get a pro's eyes on your work...for FREE!

Just as in years past, there are so many amazing agents, authors, and illustrators who are donating their time and talent through this event to help us improve our work.

Registering is easy and then it's up to fate (winners are randomly drawn)! Of course you can improve your chances by earning extra entries. All the details are on Brian's blog (linked below).

If you aren't routinely getting pro critiques on your manuscripts before querying/submitting, I encourage you to do so! I've got awesome critique partners, but they usually see a story of mine a number of times before I (and they) think it's ready to go out into the world. Then I'll send it to a pro, and with their fresh eyes and industry experience, they always suggest ways to make it even better. A pro's input is valuable, and they deserve every penny they earn on critiques...but for us prolific picture book writers, this can get expensive. That's why I always enter critique giveaways and encourage others to do so as well.

Just remember to support those folks who are donating their knowledge and helping their (or their clients') books! That way, everybody wins!

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