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Maple Syrup Spring

The Spring Fling Kidlit Contest got me thinking about what this season means in my far northern part of the country... And once I found the GIF below on, my entry seemed to write itself. (That never happens!) I hope you enjoy my ode to spring!


By Hollie Wolverton

(137 words)

It’s hard to know that spring has come...

the snow still lingers on.

The grass stays buried. Trees don’t bud.

Our winter lasts too long!

People say we’ll soon have blooms

and sunshine’s on its way,

but I see only cloudy skies—

a landscape dull and gray.

No flowers, bees, or singing birds...

ice instead of rain.

Nothing sweet to warm my thoughts,

that’s springtime here in Maine.

But then, what’s this? A sign of life

returning to our woods.

Sticky sap! We watch it run

while wearing boots and hoods.

We fill our buckets, build a fire,

and boil until it’s thick.

Liquid sugar, amber gold...

I’ve got to have a lick!

It may be cold but spring has come,

and surely ours is best!

Who wouldn’t want to live where there’s

a maple syrup fest!?!

For more info on the contest or to access other entries, see:

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Ciara O'Neal
Ciara O'Neal
Apr 11, 2021

We are starting to get into short weather here East Texas. But this took me right back to winter time. Great job!


Unknown member
Apr 09, 2021

Great job, Hollie! I have a stockpile of Grade B (don't think they refer to it that way anymore) Maple Syrup in my pantry.


Apr 04, 2021

Ha, super cute and omg this gif makes my mouth water too, I would definitely love to... visit (ha, I love my CA sunshine too much to want to live in Maine, but you definitely made me think about it with this lovely story).


Apr 03, 2021

Love this!


Perfect story and meter! Very well done! Good luck!

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