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Antler Appears - A Spring Fling Contest Entry

It's still snowy here where I live, but it's fun to think about spring coming for of these days! So I enjoyed writing an entry for the #SpringFlingKidlit contest inspired by a local tradition.

When the white stuff finally melts, people in my area will go "shed hunting." Now, this isn't hunting in the sense you may be's more like "seeking," and they aren't looking for little buildings in the backyard where they keep their tools.

No, they are trying to find moose antlers! Moose, like deer, grow new antlers every year and lose them in the winter. So come spring, there are massive antlers lying around the woods just waiting to be found!

I hope you enjoy my little story about one antler's journey from spring to spring. And a huge thank you to Allison Strick for creating the adorable GIF to accompany the piece!


When spring comes, Antler appears...

a fuzzy little nub poking out of Moose’s head.

You can barely see it.

But it grows fast!

By summer, Antler towers over Moose.

Dressed in velvet, its beauty is matched only by its mighty twin.

But soon Antler’s itchy!

Its soft covering is drying out, peeling away.

Moose rubs Antler on trees and shrubs until only bare bone remains.

Now, Antler is ready for fall when it's on proud display, intimidating Moose’s rivals looking for love.

Then winter dawns.

And Antler’s time crowning Moose ends.

With a rough shake of his head, Moose casts it off.

Antler falls from its high perch into the snow.

Where it lies buried.



But when spring comes, Antler appears…

a fascinating treasure poking out of the underbrush.

“I see one, Dad!” the girl yells.

Now Antler has a new place of honor.

On the family’s mantle.

* * * * * * * * *

Visit to read other entries in this wonderful contest and get your spring vibe on! And to read my entries in prior years, go here and here.

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3 Kommentare

03. Apr. 2023

Love the GIF, love the subject matter, and I love the story! Great job Allison and Hollie and, while I knew about antler shed in theory, this made it come much more alive for me and I really enjoyed the circular nature of your story, Hollie! Do you have any antlers you've collected?

Gefällt mir

Nice! We don't have much snow where I live, nor any moose, so this story was extra fascinating to me. Allison did a great job on the GIF, too.

Gefällt mir

Jenna Johnson
Jenna Johnson
02. Apr. 2023

Ooh this is so fascinating!! And well-written! Plus I love Allison's gif!

Gefällt mir
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