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#FirstDraftFriday 2022

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

I was blown away by the response to #FirstDraftFriday in 2021, and I'm so excited to keep it going for 2022. It's been wonderful to see it help many of you write new picture book drafts and learn from published pros along the way via their interviews and, for a lucky few of you, critiques!

I'm beyond grateful to all the people who've said yes to being guest authors for #FirstDraftFriday! Including the amazing authors who will be joining us for 2022! (More on them below!)

So mark your calendar to check out my blog the first Friday of each month for that day's guest author interview! Get inspired and then get drafting. Things "officially" start at 8 am ET with the blog post. Join us on the Twitter hashtag for encouragement and accountability!

If you finish before 8 pm ET, comment on that blog post to be entered into a drawing for a critique giveaway from the day's featured guest. Easy-peasy! (PSA: You can adjust the 12-hour writing window to suit your time zone, but you must comment by 8 pm ET if you want in on the giveaway drawing.)

The #FirstDraftFriday guest authors for 2022 are:

January 7 - Jocelyn Rish

February 4 - June Smalls

March 4 - Harshita Jerath

April 1 - Chelsea Lin Wallace

May 6 - Debbie Zapata

June 3 - Stephen Briseño

July 1 - Rebecca Gardyn Levington August 5 - Shirin Shamsi

September 2 - CK Malone

October 7 - Matt Forrest Esenwine

November 4 - Stephanie Wildman

December 2 - Jocelyn Watkinson

Again, to win a critique, you must write your draft on the designated #FirstDraftFriday, comment on the day's blog post by 8 pm ET, and follow both me and the day's guest author on Twitter.

To make that last step easier, why not just go ahead and follow us all now? We're at:

Hope to see you on #FirstDraftFriday!

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8 comentarios

Whitney Myers
Whitney Myers
04 nov 2022

It was a lovely rainy day and my toddler was at school - so Hooray for a first draft!

Me gusta

Deb Buschman
Deb Buschman
04 nov 2022

What great fun. It's been the perfect day to write.

Me gusta


It's so lovely to see how you are bringing the writing community together. Such a great way to keep us motivated. Thank you!

Me gusta

23 may 2022

I like this quote "First drafts don not have to be perfect. They justhaveto be written." I tryto use it in during writing my first ebook about transport industry. What you think to publish audiobook on own blog ? I think to publish my first audiobook on my blog about transport but I do not one is is good solution.

Me gusta

01 ene 2022

Thanks for the motivation in 21; looking forward to keeping it going in 22! I was already following all of these amazing authors! Can't wait to hear their perspectives this year!

Me gusta
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