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#FirstDraftFriday 2024

Updated: Jan 26

This is year four for #FirstDraftFriday, and I'm so grateful for everyone who has joined in, be it every now and then or every. single. month! It's awesome to be part of your kidlit journey.

If you're new to #FirstDraftFriday, or need a refrehser, here's how it works:

Mark your calendar to check out my blog the first Friday of each month for that day's guest author interview!

Get inspired and then get drafting a new picture book manuscript. Things "officially" start at 8 am ET with the blog post (but see PSA below). Optional: Join us on the Twitter hashtag for encouragement and accountability!

If you finish before 10 pm ET, comment on that blog post to be entered into a drawing for a critique giveaway from the day's featured guest.

PSA: You can adjust the 14-hour writing window to suit your time zone, but you must comment by 10 pm ET if you want in on the giveaway drawing.

#FirstDraftFriday has an exciting group of authors ready to spill their drafting secrets in 2024! They are:

January 5 - Dazzle Ng

February 2 - Tracy C. Gold

March 1 - Omar Abed

April 5 - Brenna Jeanneret

May 3 - Allen Wells

June 7 - Andrew Hacket

July 5 - Sylvia Chen August 2 - Debi Novotny

September 6 - Melissa Trempe

October 4 - Steena Hernandez

November 1 - Cynthia Mackey

Now again, to win a critique, you must write your draft on the designated #FirstDraftFriday, comment on the day's blog post by 10 pm ET, and follow both me and the day's guest author on Twitter, if you're on it.

To make that last step easier, why not just go ahead and follow us all now? We're at:

Questions? Thoughts? Testimonials? Comment below or on Twitter.

Hope to see you on #FirstDraftFriday!

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