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Join the #FirstDraftFriday fun!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

#FirstDraftFriday is off to a great start in 2021, so let's keep the fun rolling...Join us on the first Friday of each month to get a picture book first draft written and maybe win a prize!

An awesome line up of guest authors is waiting to share their tips and tricks on how to turn that fabulous idea into a fabulous first draft...or at least a full first draft! It doesn't have to be fabulous (that's what revision is for); it just has to be done.

So mark your calendar to check out my blog the first Friday of each month for that day's inspiration! Things "officially" start at 8 am ET with the post, and then it's time to work on writing your draft. Join us on the Twitter hashtag for encouragement and accountability!

If you finish before 8 pm ET, comment on that blog post to be entered into a drawing for a critique giveaway from the day's featured guest. Easy-peasy! (PSA: You can adjust your writing window to suit your time zone, but you must comment by 8 pm ET if you want in on the giveaway drawing.)

The #FirstDraftFriday guest authors line-up is:

March 5 - Ana Siqueira

April 2 - Valerie Bolling

May 7 - Phaea Crede

June 4 - Annemarie Riley Guertin

Stay tuned for the second half of the year line-up to be announced at a later date!

Again, to win a critique, you must write your draft on the designated #FirstDraftFriday, comment on the day's blog post by 8 pm ET, and follow both me and the day's guest author on Twitter.

To make that last step easier, why not just go ahead and follow us all now? We're at:

Hope to see you on #FirstDraftFriday!

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