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Lullaby of Light in 50 Words

Writing a story in only 50 words is quite a challenge, but that's what Vivian Kirkfield's 50 Precious Words contest is all about! After placing in last year's contest, I'm entering again this year with the story below! Enjoy!!

Lullaby of Light

By Hollie Wolverton

Sunset fades...

twilight blinks.

A star appears,

shines and winks.

Darkness falls.

Moonbeams glide

over ground

where critters hide.

Insects flash

high and low,

putting on

a bedtime show.

Safe inside,

eyes agleam—

full of wishes

for brilliant dreams.

Night-light glows

warm and deep...

Sweetest one,

it’s time to sleep.

To learn more about the contest/view other entries, see:

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