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Lunar Warning

The Fall Writing Frenzy contest is afoot! I hope you enjoy my entry, a 105-word, YA poem inspired by the spooky moon photo.

Lunar Warning

By Hollie Wolverton

Creepy crescent

Ghoulish gibbous

Waxing, waning…

Which moon is it?

Nearing new or

nearly full?

How long till it

starts to pull

on beastly beings

buried deep?

Most the month, those

stay asleep

Waking with the

final phase—

A ghostly orb each

thirty days

Glaring down through

clouds and mist,

forcing bodies

to writhe and twist

Fangs erupt

Claws come out

Feet morph to paws

Nose, to snout

Then it’s


RRRRip and


A pack of wolves

on the prowl

See, the moon when

fully lit,

IT reveals those

who’ve been bit

Lunar phases!

They’re the key

telling you to…

Run from me!


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